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Certus Bioscience is an OMMA licensed and A2LA accredited Oklahoma cannabis testing lab

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Oklahoma Cannabis Testing Lab




Call in and we will get you set-up with a personal advisor to discuss your products and testing needs.



Your advisor will provide you with a custom testing schedule. (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)



Using the testing the schedule, our goal is to refine your growing/processing procedure.

New LIMS system

  • Live sample tracking – We must maintain a chain-of-custody for all samples (controlled substances) we receives. This requires tracking the movement of the sample within the laboratory. For example, when a controlled substance is received, it must be identified, weighed, and managed in terms of how much is used in the analysis, where it is stored, and who handles it. You will be able track your samples as it moves throughout testing
  • Custom COA’s – Since the final product of the laboratory is data, it is critical to protect and store it within a secure database, with a robust audit trail that documents any changes to the result. Results are frequently time-critical, so we can deliver this information in a concise, efficient, user-friendly way (i.e., easy-to-read reports).
  • Automated data entry – A proven system impacts the day-to-day management of the laboratory, from sample accessioning, sample management (internal chain-of-custody), to streamlined data entry.

License #LAAA-E1LK-2BLG

Phone: (405) 216-5788

1717 W 33RD ST. EDMOND, OK. 73013

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